Nothing is more frustrating than running a business that is geared for success but seems to be losing money for you, no matter what system and process changes you implement.

We know how exasperating this can be and as your POS provider we are here to help, because we are so much more than just POS.

We’ve put together a list of handy tips to help you transform certain areas that could be having an impact on your business’ bottom line:

Tip 1

Time wasted = money wasted. Instead of having front-of-house staff manually enter orders on a POS, let them make use of TISSL’s intelligent tablet integration. All orders will be automatically pulled through to the POS which saves time in the kitchen and when it’s time to produce the bill.

Tip 2

Save on food wastage easily! TISSL’s business analytics suite lets you view real-time data from any device which allows you to instantly see which meals/drinks are your top-performers and which aren’t. With this data a business can easily overhaul their menu to feature patrons’ favourites and save the company money by not having to order non-performers.

Tip 3

Integrating your POS with mobile ordering apps can save you money. Customers’ orders will pull through directly to your TISSL POS and food wastage can be limited by customers being able to completely customise their orders.

Tip 4

Cut down on incorrect orders being returned. TISSL Online Ordering allows patrons to place and pay for their order on any device. No telephone communication required which ensures only accurate orders are sent out of the kitchen.

Tip 5

Stop lost business or lengthy, manual payments when your POS system goes down. With TISSL support and a maintenance plan we are able to replace or fix any broken equipment and get you back on your feet in no time at all.

Tip 6

Your POS system freezes or goes down or you need to add new items to it, what do you do? Unfortunately for most, getting any kind of support from POS providers is next to impossible. TISSL hosts its own in-house team who are available to support clients 365 days a year, 9am-12am to ensure their business runs as smoothly as possible. Don’t lose money just because a POS provider can’t support your evolving needs.

Tip 7

TISSL’s Time and Attendance software module will tell you which staff are making the most money for the business; how many staff are needed during peak/off-peak periods; the company’s expenditure per hour; and more. We go way further than just staff clock-in and clock-out times so that you can maximise your spend to ensure you make a profit.

Tip 8

Lost skills = wasted time finding solutions = wasted money. The hospitality industry is notorious for having a high turnover which is why TISSL offers training as needed. Safeguard your business against skill losses by ensuring management are trained and can, in turn, train their teams. This will ensure your POS system flows smoothly at all crucial moments.

This and so much more from TISSL will save your company money. Get in touch with us now for assistance in transforming your business.

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