TISSL have partnered with Paymentsense to offer businesses like yours a fully integrated payment experience. One that combines advanced technology, extraordinary customer support and low rates.

Paymentsense is a leading provider of card payment solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland. More than 72,000 companies use their services to process over £10 billion of sales every year.

It’s Paymentsense’s mission to help small businesses improve how they take card payments. By combining cutting edge technology, extraordinary customer support and an unconventional way of thinking, they can offer lower rates, better service and peace of mind. Paymentsense is well established across numerous industry sectors – from retail and service to entertainment, hospitality and healthcare.


Paymentsense Connect is a cloud-based service that securely links your card machine and TISSL POS system. The result? Faster transactions, fewer errors and easier end of day cash-ups. 

By integrating Paymentsense to your TISSL POS system you will be able to offer pay-at-table, cutting back any wasted time from the server having to leave the table to continue the payment process. At no additional cost, it empowers restaurant staff to turn tables up to 4 x faster, increase efficiency and improve customer experience. It will also help you when it comes to reports and analysing payments taking place within your business.


With your till and card machine connected, there’s no need to key in transactions twice so no more chargebacks, miskeyed transactions and long queues. Everything can be quickly reconciled with an easy end of day cash-up.

For businesses that take payment all around their premises – no more running back and forth between table and till. Connect makes it easier than ever to take payments at the end of the meal. So, you can:

  • Turn tables 4x faster. Because efficient payments means fatter profits.
  • Happier customers. Because waiting for the bill can spoil your digestion.
  • That feeling when the till immediately balances? Get it every day with Connect.
  • Take miskeys and errors off the table.
    Bad maths and fat fingers? Not your problem.


Get started within 3 days. Paymentsense card machines come ready to go, just plug in and begin taking payments.

Two tills and one card machine? One till and three card machines? Connect is shaped around your needs – whether you take money in one place, two places or all over the shop.

Connect comes with no extra cost for Paymentsense customers.

You’ll always deal directly with Paymentsense. Paymentsense offer 24/7 support – always with a real person.

Your business in your pocket. View transactions, account information and spending patterns, so you can make better business decisions.

If you need it, Paymentsense also offers help over the phone. Their PCI quiz masters will guide you through the assessment questions.

Never run out of receipt roll again with Paymentsense’s automated delivery service.



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