Krowd was founded in 2016 by two friends who love the retail and hospitality industry and yet did not love the generic offers that they received as part of some ‘loyalty’ programs. Building the Offer Bidding Marketplace™ (OBM) platform from the ground up, they knew they could offer businesses something better, more cohesive, more money generating and more importantly; more interesting to customers.

As part of the Barclays Bank Portfolio Company with Barclays Bank as an investor, Krowd has been live in Dubai since 2019 with customers such as IKEA, Deliveroo and Uber.

Now live in the UK, Krowd is concentrating its efforts on helping local businesses reach their post lockdown potential.

Personalising Offers via Bank Card Linked Channels

Existing digital and non-digital advertising channels are expensive and challenging to make an impact on sales in a busy and competitive marketplace. We know generic offers do little to increase customer retention, loyalty and enthusiasm for a brand. 

A Hyper-Personalised Platform for Customer-Faced Businesses

Krowd’s AI engineered Offer Bidding Marketplace™ (OBM) platform built on cloud infrastructure, enable businesses to send hyper-personalised offers via bank card linked channels. Through our proprietary algorithms trained with bank transaction and third-party data we produce bespoke customer targeting.

We enable brands to acquire new customers whilst also re-engaging with an existing customer base.

We work with major loyalty programs, such as British Airways Rewards, Avios, Perkbox and others, to create partnerships with 70% customer penetration and 7x improved conversions compared to generic offers.

Using Krowd can combat the lower revenues and missed conversion opportunities that come as a result of generic offers. In fact, 90% of marketeers who used card-linked offers saw a boost in revenue.

How We Drive Personalised Offers to Customers

With Krowd, businesses can now securely and easily access 10 million credit and debit cardholders instantly. We partner with banks to send cardholders personalised offers using historical bank transaction data, augmented with third-party data (such as TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google scores) from over 250+ million data points.

Offer consumers great value to brands they want to be associated with.


Krowd’s model is to be paid a commission on each successful conversion, which is set by you on our OBM™ platform. We at Krowd then send these hyper-personalised offers through bank and third-party channels to bank cardholders. There is no contract. Campaigns run for a 1-month period, if you want to stop using the platform, just expire the campaign. We are confident the OBM will deliver and businesses will continue to create new and wonderful campaigns.

The OBM™ dashboard displays a wealth of easily understood insights on performance, demographics and revenue so you can tweak live campaigns or make adjustments for future campaigns.

Krowd’s industry-first OBM™ connects brands to banks, offering leading insights on what drives new and existing customers to purchase, with compliant transactional information from banks

Krowd’s knowledge graph; built on 250+ million external data points offers significantly improved targeting for highly personalised campaigns that deliver to a bespoke audience

Our OBM™ platform allows to define critical parameters, including whether the ideal customers are new or existing, the type of offer, campaign budget and customer demographic

Krowd’s deep-learning and artificial intelligence-based platform can help drive more incremental sales than many of those industry-leading competitors — by 50%

With 80% of end-users suggesting they preferred card-linked programs over coupons and vouchers, this is a vital opportunity to drive sales.

It’s simple. Be part of the ‘Krowd’ by attracting the right customer, at the right time, with the right offer.



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