TISSL and Giftpro have become integration partners in order to give operators the ability to redeem gift vouchers as a payment method within the Horizon POS. As a user of both systems you’ll also be able to view critical gift voucher order information, check for fraudulent orders and transfer customer data between systems without switching to the Giftpro admin area.

Task switching costs operators valuable time, so by utilising Giftpro’s integration with TISSL you’ll not only be able to eliminate the need to switch systems for day-to-day operations but you’ll also make life simpler for staff and customers who are looking to redeem their gift voucher.
As a stand-alone system, Giftpro is a powerful, complete gift voucher retail and management tool that includes

Giftpro’s clients benefit from:

Power up your TISSL implementation with Giftpro.

“Since switching to Giftpro we have seen a 52% increase in gift voucher revenue across our group”

Emma Benney
Marketing Director

“We switched to GiftPro 6 months ago and since then we’ve seen a huge 57% increase in sales compared to last year”

Stephanie Metson
Marketing Manager

“We switched to Giftpro from our previous provider and the results have been fantastic. Our sales are up by over 75% on last year”

Mike Lashmar
Group Financial Director


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