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Fast Food

Fast Food is all about quality service at lightning speed and the TISSL Solution is the only solution you need to keep up with demand! We have designed our POS with the server and customer in mind. Orders are processed with the fewest button presses so that dine-in or counter service customers have the shortest waiting times possible.  Our integration with payment companies such as PaymentSense and PayWorks, will ensure that payment is received directly to the POS via Contactless, Chip & Pin, Apple Pay and more. We also integrate with the top mobile ordering and payment apps to further enhance the customer experience. 

We count many top Fast Food establishments among our customers and we are proud to say our solutions are helping them achieve great success. We fully identify with your mission to provide swift service to your customers and create a business that is profitable, productive and successful. We can certainly help you with this, it’s in our DNA! Enquire Now for more information.