To show an example of the back office screen designer on a cloud based EPOS Solution

Cloud Based EPOS Software: Horizon

TISSL has developed the next generation cloud-based EPOS solution: HORIZON. Fully compatible across multiple operating and hardware systems, you can make the most of your budget. Including a unique User Licensing model that allows for maximum flexibility.

The easy-to-use, user-friendly HORIZON Point of Sale interface is an intuitive complete solution and requires minimal training, so you can get started straight away.

With features including a clean user interface, working across multiple industries and venues, bill splitting across multiple payment methods, live reporting access for users and products, regular software updates. To create a complete cloud EPOS software solution that helps you in all areas of your operation.


The HORIZON HUB allows you to completely customise and manage all aspects of your business from one portal.

With features including real-time reports, user and licence management, creation and editing of categories and products, point of sale system screen design and much more. With cloud-based technology, the HUB is now accessible from your laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. There’s no app needed and it’s perfect for retail and hospitality industries.

The HUB is easily split across three areas of management, through the ReportCentre, ControlCentre and AdminCentre, you can shape your personal data and cloud service into an ideal EPOS solution.

Shows the opening screen of the back office hub for a cloud based EPOS solution

Cloud based

Our new HORIZON EPOS software is fully cloud-based and compatible with multiple operating systems and hardware. Our secure hosting ensures safer storage for all your important data and saves money on expensive server maintenance and updates.

Our fully agnostic HORIZON EPOS can be used on your current hardware* so you can make further savings by utilizing your existing devices.

We do also offer full cloud-based POS, EPOS systems, software and hardware package solutions should you need them.

*(Subject to minimum specification)

Realtime & Historical Reporting

HORIZON HUB ReportCentre allows you to access real-time reporting from any browser and is fully mobile optimised, allowing you to view on your tablet or phone.

With your secure login, you have access to business reports from one or multiple sites.

Reporting can be tracked and stored across any period throughout your business, filtered through users, products, gross sales, discounts and more.

User Based Licensing

Our revolutionary HORIZON licensing model is based on the number of users rather than the more outdated method of charging per device, with a starting price of just £39/month for five user licenses.

This arrangement allows you to use as many devices as you want at no extra cost and means your staff can work across multiple sites using the same login details if enabled.

This also gives you the freedom to move or add terminals at any time without having to contact us for new licenses. This is great if you have an occasional pop-up stand, a temporary structure for weddings and parties or work away at festivals.

Live Screen Designer

The HORIZON ControlCentre allows you to easily customise your own POS screen. The screen designer allows you to make live changes to your POS, including button organisation and placement, size and font of the text and even the colour of the individual button outline and infill!

Clean User Interface

The user interface of the HORIZON EPOS is designed so that staff can work the system efficiently with minimal training. The front-end POS has clearly labelled categories and a toolbar with access to options including payment splitting, holding items and adding order notes, such as dietary requirements for the kitchen. With an interface that is fully customisable to suit your business needs.

The back-office HUB is separated into 3 clear areas:
- With access to user licenses, zone creation and site management.
ControlCentre - Unlimited products, buttons and categories can be created and customised.
ReportingCentre - All live and historical data reports across multiple sites can be stored and accessed.

Manage Multiple Sites & Zones

Running a multi-site operation is now easier than ever. Through HORIZON EPOS you can create and control multiple venues from one place, including menus, reports, layout and special offers. Venues that have several areas, for example, a bar zone and restaurant zone, can also be created and designed within the HUB AdminCentre through an easy to use drag and click system.