Save on server costs:THE HORIZON HUB resides in the cloud on a Microsoft AZURE platform, so not only stable and secure but saving you money on expensive server maintenance and updates. The HUB is the back-office providing central control to manage sites, products, categories and to produce reports, all of which can be done remotely.

Re-use existing Hardware: The POS application can be downloaded to any device. Apple, Android Linux and Windows operating systems are all supported. Plug and Play design ensures less disruption with broken terminals easily swapped out with no need for an engineer. 


For large businesses, co-ordination and communication between head office and individual branches is key. TISSL gives you the means to view, manage and interact seamlessly between multiple locations, ensuring full and complete control over the whole operation.

New sites can be added as your business grows, at no additional cost and easy to manage.  HORIZON is licensed by user, so your staff can move around the sites as required and simply log on to any site or device.


Unlimited devices: HORIZON is licenced by user not device. It no longer matters how many terminals or devices are on site or across multiple sites, you just license by users in groups of 5 from £39 per month. 

Less disruption: ‘Locked’ orders on broken devices are no longer a problem, simply log into another device.  

Removes the need for repeated user set-up: Each user has one single account on the POS system. With the right permissions set, this one account can be used to sign into multiple accounts.

Improves control: User licensing means you can monitor the performance of individuals in the business, with proper sign-on, user performance can be monitored and excessive voids or discounts prevented, you can even deliver personal messages to users through the POS to the Front of House. 


Meet your Customers needs 

Today’s customers are adapting to current conditions and altering behaviours to stay safe. Businesses needs to adapt too, providing the new environments customers demand. Using their own devices safely wherever possible, ordering on-line for collection or delivery, or even ordering at the table. 

TISSL has adapted HORIZON to ensure our customers are ready for this new way of operating by introducing TISSL Delivery and TISSL Consumer ordering platform. 

Find out more on our TISSL Consumer Ordering Platform page.


Easily Customised: Unlike more rigid cloud-based systems HORIZON uses a modern live screen designer which mirrors what the users see. Drag and drop functionality makes button organisation and placement quick and easy using the Live screen designer.

Remotely controlled: The cloud-based HUB can be accessed from anywhere to create and control: venues, zones, menus, reports, layouts, or special offers, all in one place and all using drag and drop functionality. 

No installation: Download the POS App on any compliant device and start using straight away no need for an engineer. You can also ensure you are using the latest version by simply downloading the updates.

HORIZON EPOS can be can be up and running in hours for single site customers using their own hardware. 


TISSL have now integrated HORIZON EPOS with Deliverect to provide a platform to make handling food delivery more efficient and increase revenues. 

Linking HORIZON EPOS directly with your delivery channels will provide the following benefits: 

  • Orders are automatically received in HORIZON 
  • HORIZON menus pushed to the delivery channels 
  • Consolidated reporting 

Find out more on our TISSL Delivery page.


Post-Lockdown operations: Today’s consumers are altering behaviours to stay safe. Businesses need to respond by providing the new environment that their customers demand. 

TISSL HORIZON has been adapted to ensure our customers are ready for this new way of operating by incorporating the Consumer Ordering Platform and integrating to multiple delivery channels. 

Scalable: Simple drag and drop functionality can be used to adapt your business quickly. As the business grows you can add as many sites or devices as you need with no additional cost, only additional user licenses are chargeable. 

Future Proof: HORIZON is completely hardware agnostic, it works on multiple operating systems, which means new devices can be added at any time protecting your business investment and allowing you to remain flexible on your choice of hardware. HORIZON is a powerful and easy to use system which continues to be updated by TISSL’s UK based support and development team to ensure we meet the needs of our customers. 


HORIZON HUB Report Centre allows you to access real-time reporting from any browser and is fully mobile optimised allowing you to view on your phone or tablet. 

With your secure login you have access to business reports from one or multiple sites 

Reporting can be tracked and stored across any period throughout your business, filtered through users, products, gross sales, discounts and more. 



TISSL’s direct auto reports feature boosts efficiency through automatically generating reports and having them delivered to a specified email inbox on a regular basis


The brilliance of our digital signage is the total integration between the display screen and the POS system. Updating your screens couldn’t be easier and you have the ability to customise what is shown through an HTML editor. The link between the POS and the digital screens gives you the ability to instantly display promotions such as happy hour, menu specials or promotions. Content can be shown as text, images, animation, video, audio or can even be interactive.


In the digital sphere your information is more important than ever, TISSL dedicated cloud based back up system enables real time backups securing your information against any hazards giving you full peace of mind your data is safe.

From creating recipes through to detailed stock take and supplier ordering, this is the definitive tool for controlling, specifying and managing food and beverage costs.

The module links together each step of the food and beverage journey, from order to plate, resulting in a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Offering exceptional flexibility, this module can be activated in bite size stages, with additional features turned on at any time.

Additional features

  • Recipes
  • Stock
  • Wastage
  • Supplier Ordering
  • Menus
  • Remote Data Input

Save yourself a visit to site and access your POS system at your convenience, anywhere at any time. Having a POS system with remote access can assist management in the decision-making process while helping to increase profitability and minimize risks.animation, video, audio or can even be interactive.

Advancements in technology has enabled you to access your reports from anywhere in the world by scheduling in a regular uplift of requested reports to a web portal in order for you to view or download while off site.animation, video, audio or can even be interactive.

The TISSL POS Solution integrates with top mobile ordering apps giving your customers the control they expect! Orders and payments made via a mobile app link directly with TISSL POS for seamless processing. The result is an improved overall customer experience and maximised efficiencies in your business.

Having your TISSL POS system integrated with your PDQ machines enables staff to cut queues, eliminate mis-keying and prevent costly human error by providing a seamless link between payment device and POS system. Pay at Table option is made specially for restaurants, bars, diners and other businesses taking payments at the table. Having your TISSL POS integrated with your card machines you can save time and turn tables quicker by printing the bill, splitting the bill, processing cash and card at the table and closing the table all from the card machine.

View and analyse your live data from any site at any time of the day, from anywhere
Cross Platform
Run reports and see statistics on any operating system from your Computer, Tablet or Mobile device
Multi-Site Big Data Analysis
Compare performance across your entire estate with like for like statistics and more
Intuitive Dashboard
Easily customise reporting dashboards and see your key reports and statistics at a glance

A loyalty scheme is a must have for your establishment. Having your existing customers come back more often is an excellent tool with which to keep your outlets filled. Loyal customers are also ambassadors on your behalf, spreading the word about what you’re all about. This can only benefit your business in a positive way.

There are four primary methods of customer loyalty and rewards that you can implement:

  • Rewards scheme
  • Gift certificates
  • Promotional vouchers
  • Membership discounts
  • Core features
  • Store vital customer data including photos
  • Create automatic discounts for VIP customers
  • Create company group discounts
  • Search customers from the POS or back office
  • Multiple identification methods: Magnetic Swipe Card, Fingerprint etc.
  • Reporting for total Year-To-Date expenditure

TISSL provide a range of secure services to protect your system

Fingerprint reader – Popular among fine dining establishments this is our most secure login option

Fob – Used widely in dedicated wet and beverage led establishments the fob log in option allows for quick and efficient entry to your TISSL POS.

Magstripe Reader – Common across all sectors the Magstripe reader is a versatile log in option which can also be seamlessly used for customer loyalty integration.

Pin entry- TISSL’s four-digit entry system enables fast access to your POS yet ensuring its protected at all times.

A KDS (Kitchen Display System) takes kitchen management to the next level. It eliminates missed communication, out of paper issues and printer breakdowns. Using the KDS software you can customise and control the routing and display attributes for each item. You can also control timings to ensure that items are displayed at the prep station at the exact time that they need to be prepared.
Establishments using KDS are able to demonstrate vast improvements in communication and table turn times without compromising quality. KDS is a must if you are wanting to expand and increase profitability.

We provide a secondary digital screen that allows you to display itemised order information to your customers without interrupting the payment flow. Customers can view their order, tax, discounts, and loyalty information during the checkout process. You can also use them to promote special offers, events and general up-sell information through HD images or short videos.

With more people fluent in the use of technology than ever before, self service kiosks are a convenient, efficient and popular avenue of customer service. TISSL self service kiosks not only provide customers with a quick and personal method of ordering but a way for you to record and capitalise on your customer journeys.

A reservations system will strengthen your front-of-house operations by giving your staff the tools and visibility necessary to attract and spread customer demand across peak and off-peak periods, reduce wait times, and turn more tables. In addition, a reservations system integrated with TISSL can make it simple for you to capture the invaluable guest data you need to enhance a dining experience and create marketing communications that are personal, targeted and relevant.

Running your own restaurant is a big commitment. You will be working unsocial hours and most of your overheads don’t stop when the restaurant is closed. You need time to think, time to plan, and time to talk to your clientele. We can help give you the time you need by looking after the most important of your non-core activities. With an accounts package interface, TISSL can automate Monthly Management Report and Accounts, Weekly Management Accounts, Payroll, Suppliers, and Tronc Services.

With staff often being the greatest cost to any establishment, it is important not just to track who’s arriving at what time, but also to work out how many staff you need during particular periods and your rough expenditure per hour. Our sales and labour report can also tell you which staff members are your money makers.

TISSL’s time and attendance package uses fingerprint technology so that staff members can clock in and clock out, eliminating the security issues faced with numbers or cards. Hourly pay can also be calculated if your staff are paid by the hour and schedules created on the TISSL system can be printed off and distributed to staff members.

  • Multi-day scheduling
  • Set up shifts and staff scheduling
  • Quick shifts to cover sickness, holidays and lateness
  • Split shifts
  • Run clock-in and clock-out reports to track staff attendance
  • Employees sorted by ID or name
  • Generate sales and labour reports to calculate expenditure


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