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TISSL Training

The TISSL Solution has so much potential to create success for your business, if you know how to use it right! Our software is designed to provide your team with everything possible to operate smoothly and profitably and it is our job to show them how to use it to it's maximum potential. Training is divided into 2 key areas; Initial training during the on-boarding process for new customers and On-going training for existing customers. It goes without saying, as you and your staff become more successful in using our software, your business will benefit through increased efficiencies and an ever improving customer experience.

Initial Training

Throughout the implementation period, our data and training team work with your office staff or managers, training them on back-office functionality such as menu item setup, on-screen button settings, discounts and more.  As the go-live date approaches, our trainers will organise to show your front of house staff all the day-to-day features they will need to use.  Where possible, this training is carried out in our beautiful facility in Milton Keynes and where this is not practical, it will be done onsite.

Ongoing Training

As with most software, there are many rich features buried deep within the TISSL system and we realise that many users would love to delve deeper and become more fluent in using the technology. Furthermore, new staff joining your business may not have had prior training on TISSL. To accommodate these scenarios, we run regular training sessions at our Milton Keynes head office through the following courses:

Beginner 1-day Manager Course

This course is designed to benefit managers or back-office users who are new to TISSL technology. Participants will be trained on how to maintain the system on a day-to-day basis including menu items, screen buttons, modifiers, staff management, reports and more…
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Refresher 1-day Manager Course

Refresher is designed to benefit experienced managers or back-office users who may not have had the benefit of direct TISSL training before. This course differs from Beginner in that it delves deeper into all the maintenance areas of the software…
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Advanced 2-day Manager Course

Advanced is a course designed for experienced TISSL users wanting to take their knowledge to the next level. Participants gain a deep understanding of the back-office system and front-end functionality using practical exercises and explore every area of the software…
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Which course is right for your staff?

1-day Beginner
1-day Refresher
2-day Advanced
  Beginner Refresher Advanced
Employee Maintenance
Menu Item Maintenance
Menu Button Maintenance
Menu Modifier Maintenance
Department Maintenance
Table Maintenance
POS Ordering    
Check Management    
Server Functions    
Manager Functions    
Customer Accounts    
Time & Attendance    
Payment Media Maintenance    
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