The hospitality industry faces unprecedented challenges because of the Coronavirus pandemic, which will undoubtedly drive a new way of trading for a long time to come. Todays’ consumer is more likely to want to limit engagement with waiters and devices and order their food as safely as possible.

TISSL’s Consumer Ordering Platform has been designed to meet those new challenges, offering consumers more variety and control when ordering food.

This additional module will allow your customers to order food directly from your TISSL EPOS system, from their own device, without having to download an APP. They will be able to view all your products and modifiers to select their meal, with the order sent directly to the kitchen. Payment can also be taken digitally or by card to ensure the best customer experience.

Meets Government guidelines for post-lockdown operations

  • Allows minimal engagement between customers and staff
  • No need to download an APP
  • Access HORIZON via Text, URL or QR code
  • Track and trace data capture for reporting to NHS
  • HORIZON will work on most mobile devices, so your customers can order using their own device

Faster Service

  • No more frustrations waiting to be served, especially now your customers are more likely to be spread around. They can order whenever they are ready and from wherever they are.
  • They can provide additional information themselves such as table number or to advise the kitchen they have limited time.
  • Payment is faster too; customers can easily pay using a digital wallets or traditional credit or debit cards and have receipts e-mailed.
  • Payment can be made on order or customers can run an open tab.

Table orders linked directly
into HORIZON (or any TISSL EPOS System)

  • Your customer can browse all the products and modifiers on your menu’s.
  • They can modify their order by adding or deleting items in the basket (future releases will also allow Waiter amendment)
  • With the order printed out directly into the kitchen, there is no need for any intervention and so less chance of errors, voids, or refunds.
  • The Table number and any other notes or requests such as allergens can be added to the order.