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The Royal Shakespeare Company

Case Studies - The Royal Shakespeare Company

Tissl supplied an EPoS system at the Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres
The Royal Shakespeare Company
TISSL recently embarked on one of its most complex installations to date – to supply an EPoS system at the remodelled Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon

“We chose TISSL because they offered us a good combination of functionality, flexibility and price”

After three and a half years, the construction project to transform the Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres in Stratford-upon-Avon opened to the public on 24 November 2010. Highlights of the project included the creation of a new 1000+ seat auditorium with a thrust-stage that more closely mirrors the way in which Shakespeare’s plays were intended to be performed, bringing the actors and audiences closer together.

“Our transformed Royal Shakespeare Theatre auditorium offers the promise of a changed relationship between actor and audience, as its thrust stage steps out from the old proscenium arch and brings the furthest seats twice as close to the action,” says Michael Boyd, RSC Artistic Director. “Our rejuvenated public spaces give a warm welcome to visitors and allow us an opportunity to demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit in creating a seven day a week building, which has something for everyone.”

The public spaces within the building were also transformed to include four theatre bars, a Riverside Cafe and Terrace and a Rooftop Restaurant with 150 covers. The contract for the new facility’s EPoS system was awarded to TISSL.

“We chose TISSL because they offered us a good combination of functionality, flexibility and price,” says Rob Fredrickson, Head of Catering at the RSC. “We needed a system which was flexible, resilient and reasonably priced and TISSL has thus far met each of those briefs with aplomb.”

“The TISSL system has been easy-to-use and support has been very responsive when needed”

The whole project was complex and challenging and involved 11 terminals across seven outlets, with TISSL also supplying ten hand-helds. The project involved five revenue centres at the RSC.

“Each revenue centre has a different set up, so the install and opening was challenging,” says Rob.

TISSL says that a particular challenge was the power supply of the building which was solved through inline Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units – a fairly new technology. The units were smaller and cheaper than a full blown UPS, but perfect for filtering out any power problems on site.

“TISSL has thus far met each of our briefs with aplomb”

Currently, the system is being used for food transactions – but the RSC is trialling a Time & Attendance function.

Wrapped around the top of the building, the Rooftop Restaurant in Stratford provides a lively atmosphere in informal surroundings, with floor-to-ceiling glasswork enabling beautiful views across the River Avon.

“The Rooftop Restaurant is an extraordinary space – beautiful, light and airy,” says Rob. “It serves great food, freshly prepared and simply cooked, and makes the most of our Warwickshire location by sourcing local produce where we can.”

He continues: We’re open right through the day, seven days a week, offering something for all customers, budgets and occasions, whether it’s a light meal, a family lunch, a drink in our bar, a pre- or post-theatre meal, a night out with friends or a special celebration. It’s a restaurant for anyone who is looking for an informal atmosphere with great food and friendly service in unique surroundings.”

The Riverside Cafe seats 40 people and can be reached directly from the riverside walk. Open daily, it serves tea, coffee and a range of self-service sandwiches, home-made soups, salads and cakes.

Rob says of the TISSL EPoS: “It has been easy-to-use and support has been very responsive when needed.”