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Pollen Street Social

Case Studies - Pollen Street Social

Compared with the last system I worked with -TISSL's EPoS system is incredible
Pollen Street Social
When Jason Atherton looked to open his first solo restaurant, he considered a number of EPoS systems but eventually settled on TISSL. Pollen Street Social opened in April 2011 and has five TISSL terminals
Pollen Street Social marks Jason Atherton’s long-held dream of opening his own restaurant and is described as ‘deformalised fine dining’. He explains: “Pollen Street Social allowed me to create exactly the sort of restaurant that I would love to eat, drink and socialise in, not only for special occasions, but also for simple everyday affairs. I just want people to come and have fun.”

Jason Atherton joined Gordon Ramsay Holdings in 2002, initially working in Dubai, before moving to head up the group’s Maze Restaurant at the Marriott Grosvenor Square, where he won a Michelin Star.

“TISSL’s client list is impressive and it certainly caught our attention”

The first space you enter at Pollen Street Social is the ‘Social Room’ – a 40-seat bar with a no-booking policy, which boasts a variety of tapas and drinks. Then, in addition to the main restaurant, which has room for 60 covers, there’s a private dining room in the basement, which seats 14 people.

The Kitchen at Pollen Street Social 
Dishes on the menu include such treats as roasted Cornish hake, razor clam and cockle emulsion, English pea and lettuce, and potatoes in seaweed; and roasted Dingley Dell pork, beetroot, seeds and grains, and beer sauce.

Finally, there’s also an innovative Dessert Bar – where guests with a sweet tooth can simply indulge themselves.

“TISSL’s client list is impressive and it certainly caught our attention,” says Martin Renshaw, Restaurant Manager at Pollen Street Social. “We did some research and everyone spoke very highly of TISSL and the price was right as well.”

Martin adds that ‘ease-of-use’ was key when selecting an EPoS system.

“We didn’t want our staff to spend ages loading in data – they’ve got more important things to be doing,” says Martin. “TISSL worked closely with us to create a system specifically for Pollen Street Social.”

“The TISSL system allows me to draw off all manner of reports”

Jason Atherton was very involved himself in the choice of EPoS system for Pollen Street Social.

“I met Jason at an exhibition in 2010, where I was able to chat to him and show him our system,” says Jason McCowan, sales consultant from TISSL. “Throughout the process, Jason was very hands on – which is unusual for a chef. Very often, the choice of EPoS system is left to the operations manager or GM.”

Jason Atherton was keen that his restaurant didn’t ‘look like the NASA space centre’ with computer equipment all over the place – so one of the ways which TISSL has avoided this is by laying the screens flat.

“Compared with the last system I worked with – TISSL’s EPoS system is incredible”

TISSL worked closely with Pollen Street Social to provide comprehensive training and Martin says that the support it provides is second-to-none.

“The TISSL team were amazingly supportive during our first week and, since then, they’ve continued to be there when we need them,” he explains. “Even now, I’ll need to do something on the system which I haven’t done before. I really like the fact that the TISSL team can log onto our system remotely and guide me through everything on screen.”

Martin says that he needs to access a large number of reports on a daily basis.

“It’s key that I know essential information such as what’s selling well and when our takings are highest,” he says. “The TISSL system allows me to draw off all manner of reports and I can do that remotely as well, which is useful.”

Martin adds: “Compared with the last system I worked with – TISSL’s EPoS system is incredible.