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Gauthier Soho

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Gauthier Soho prides itself on offering ‘serious, sensitive and considered vegecentric food'
Gauthier Soho
After six years using TISSL at Roussillon, Alexis Gauthier had no hesitation in bringing TISSL onboard at his latest restaurant – Gauthier Soho

Well-respected French chef, Alexis Gauthier, who achieved a Michelin Star in 2000, opened a new restaurant in London in May 2010. Gauthier Soho prides itself on offering ‘serious, sensitive and considered vegecentric food’, which sits alongside treats for meat-eaters, such as crispy and soft piglet and roasted guinea fowl in a pot.

At any time, the cheeseboard offers some 20 French cheeses, which are imported and matured exclusively for Gauthier Soho, together with some of the finest English and Italian cheese. It also boasts a wine cellar containing over 200 varieties of wine and Champagne from all over the world.

Alexis Gauthier, who also has a restaurant in France, had been using a TISSL system for six years at his established London venue, Roussillon, in St Barnabas Street.

“Having worked with it for a number of years, I was already very familiar with TISSL and I knew that it would suit us at Gauthier Soho and would also grow with us, as we grow,” says Alexis. “However, I did look around at other systems before I made my final decision. My main focus was to find something which offered value-for-money.”

He continues: “However, other systems I looked at did not offer the same high level of support which I enjoy with TISSL; some systems were too complicated to use; others couldn’t produce the reports I required; and most weren’t compatible with the system my book-keeper is running or could work with Open Table, which we work with here. So, it wasn’t a difficult decision to remain with TISSL.”

Gauthier Soho is based in a Regency-style town house in Romilly Street, which has undergone a complete refurbishment and boasts two restaurant rooms and two private dining rooms.

“I am a chef and not an accountant – so I need reports which make sense to me,” Alexis says. “I also need a system which allows me to keep an eye on everything. The TISSL system lets me view in real-time what’s happening in London and that’s really helpful, particularly if I am out of the country.”

TISSL has three terminals in Gauthier Soho – two in the restaurant and one in the back office. The system has been configured to look after accounts, organise stock control and produce daily reports.

“TISSL is the nerve centre of our business,” says Alexis. “Without them onboard, we couldn’t operate properly.”

He adds: “The TISSL system has been designed by people who understand the hospitality industry and that’s really important. I like the fact that the system doesn’t stand still, it is constantly being developed. TISSL listens to its customers and takes our suggestions onboard. The restaurant industry is constantly changing and TISSL takes account of that – the system is intelligent and reactive.”

Alexis says that Gauthier Soho offers a menu which can include five or six courses and TISSL has worked closely with him to tailor the system to take this into account. Alexis is also particularly impressed by the service and support offered by TISSL.

“During lunch service one Friday, a member of our team spilt a double espresso over one of the terminals and, with the restaurant fully-booked that night, I was very worried about how this would affect service,” explains Alexis. “However, I called TISSL and they said that there was an engineer in London. Within an hour, there was a ring at the door – and there he was with a new terminal. It was a huge relief.”

He adds: “Our EPoS system is extremely reliable and the whole team at TISSL are really knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble. TISSL is the number 10 in our football team – the player we couldn’t be without.”