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TISSL & Big Data Insights

A few posts ago we spoke about big data and how it can be applied intelligently to the hospitality industry.

To sum up: currently big data tools aren’t being sold to or used by the hospitality industry in a way that gives true insight. Too often we’ve heard clients say that they have what they think might be a good tool but aren’t too sure because it has so much data and they have no idea how to use it.

We’re Extending Our Training Sale – Again!

We're pleased to say that we were once again blown away by the response to the January training sale!

Big Data in Hospitality

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years you’ve probably heard the term “big data” being used fairly often. If you work in hospitality management, you’ve more than likely had more than a dozen sales reps contact you about their latest and greatest tool offering “big data insights” – how often have you experienced moments when these sales reps couldn’t actually explain to you what big data is?

Happens far too often I’m afraid!

Top Foodie Innovations

We love food, we really do, and its even better when a new, innovative way of presenting it arrives on the scene. And we’re not talking about smoothie bowls or milkshakes made using real chocolates (although we do love treating ourselves to both). We’re talking about proper out-of-the-box thinking. Read on to see some incredible ideas.

How TISSL Can Save Money for your Business

Nothing is more frustrating than running a business that is geared for success but seems to be losing money for you, no matter what system and process changes you implement.

We know how exasperating this can be and as your POS provider, we are here to help, because we are so much more than just POS.

We’ve put together a list of handy tips to help you transform certain areas that could be having an impact on your business’ bottom line:

TISSL Training Sale – Extended

We were so overwhelmed by the huge response to our December training sale that we’ve decided to extend it to January 2018!