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Can reporting save your business?

The importance of reporting

Ensuring you are pro-actively tracking the progress of your business is essential to making key decisions and understanding any weak or strong areas, that’s why reporting is fundamental to gauging success..

No marketing budget? No problem, get your customers marketing for you..


Two thirds of people check a restaurant’s social media before eating out, according to the latest research from HGEM, while 30% said they were looking for menu information, another 22% were seeking customer reviews.

It's 'appenin

89% of time spent on mobile media is through an App.

It seems these days, there’s an App for everything. Tracking fitness goals? There’s an app for it. Book a cab? App for it. Ghost hunting? App for it. Forgot where you parked your car and need someone to tell you in a pirate voice? App for it. Seriously, it seems there is an App for just about everything.

Young folk

‘Millennials’ – quite possibly one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing these past few years. The umbrella word for describing 18-30 year olds has been blasted around by marketers with the recent findings that millennials are more prepared to spend their money on experiences and, are more frivolous with their income. Meaning for restaurateurs, hotels, coffee shops and those in hospitality; quite simply, if your till system and ePos structure doesn’t settle the requirements of this demanding generation, you might just lose out on some serious business.

Increase revenue with mobile pay

Nowadays, consumers want things made simple. Eliminating time and unnecessary processes to get to the end goal is important for keeping customers happy.

Top tips : A loyal Customer Base

There’s a lot of discussion around how to maintain a loyal customer in today’s dynamic and ever changing consumer landscape. Buying behaviours are endlessly developing and while trends in consuming may change daily, loyalty programmes and incentives are here to stay.