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Is your restaurant ready for a cashless society?

We’ve come a long way in the twenty years that have passed since the dawn of e-commerce.

In that brief time we moved from buying goods and services in person, either in store or by phone, to online shipping.

And while we still use phones for their most common purpose as an internet device for online shopping, we have since moved on to using them as payment tender at POS terminals. Yet there is still so much more this technology can offer the hospitality sector.

Top Five Tips to Attract the ‘Discovery Crowd’ (Under 35’s)

Millennials are at it again! Not only are they blamed for the killing the golf, movie  and oil industries, it seems those trendy, cold-blooded murderers are also out for dining.

Meat free, maybe?

Veganism: The next big thing in the restaurant business?

The number of Vegans in the UK has tripled since 2006

Vegan and vegetarianism are on the rise since people are becoming increasingly aware of where their food is coming from and the conditions it was created in. What impact will this have on the restaurant and foodservice industry?

It's a numbers game

According to a survey by the vegan society (reference), there were at least 542,000 vegans in Britain in 2016, this number increased by as much as three times since 2006, which makes veganism one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements.

This means out of the population of Britain (65,502,000 roughly) vegans make up just under 1%.

Although 1% of the population may seem tiny, combined with the 5.7% of vegetarians in the UK (reference) this corresponds to over 3.5 million people in the UK following a meat-free diet.

How does this translate into the restaurant market?

There are around 3K vegan or vegetarian restaurants in the UK, which may seem like a lot but, when compared to the over 72K food enterprises recorded in 2015 is actually minuscule.

With the vegan and vegetarian movements growing it will be crucial for restaurants to adapt and start offering more options catering to vegans and vegetarians as soon enough they will make up an even larger portion of the clientele.

How do you think veganism will affect the restaurant industry?

Can reporting save your business?

The importance of reporting

Ensuring you are pro-actively tracking the progress of your business is essential to making key decisions and understanding any weak or strong areas, that’s why reporting is fundamental to gauging success..

No marketing budget? No problem, get your customers marketing for you..


Two thirds of people check a restaurant’s social media before eating out, according to the latest research from HGEM, while 30% said they were looking for menu information, another 22% were seeking customer reviews.

It's 'appenin

89% of time spent on mobile media is through an App.

It seems these days, there’s an App for everything. Tracking fitness goals? There’s an app for it. Book a cab? App for it. Ghost hunting? App for it. Forgot where you parked your car and need someone to tell you in a pirate voice? App for it. Seriously, it seems there is an App for just about everything.