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Out with the nut, in with the new


How to cater for the lucrative and increasing market of meat free foodies..



Doing their nut in

Any vegetarian or vegan will be very familiar with the phrase ‘nut roast’. The default for any meat based alternative within the festive season, or at the pub on a Sunday. Although the nut based combo is a great alternative and if done well will adequately suffice, admittedly the tiresome rounds of almonds and pastry on a Sunday can become ever so slightly tedious.


Pay it forward: Giving back

It’s good to give


Put a smile on their face

There’s always something rewarding about giving back. Random acts of kindness can be measured in many ways, giving away an umbrella to a stranger in the rain, a surprise delivery of flowers to work, or even giving up your seat on the train. No matter how big or small the gesture, a thoughtful action can go a very long way.

The Value of Table Turnover Time

Lets be honest, you dread the customers who come in and sit a table for a few hours. You’re never sure how to get them out quicker without being rude while trying to turn your table.

Faster table turnover leads to more sales for restaurants and is a crucial performance metric for many restaurants. At the same time, it’s delicate subject because you don’t want to ruin your customers experience by rushing them out as soon as they’re done eating.

Gaining Effectiveness by Sales by Range (SBR)

If there is one report that every restaurateur will use, it’s their daily/weekly sales report, or as we call it in TISSL, the Sales by Range (SBR) report. The challenge with this type of reporting is that although it provides an excellent snapshot of how your business has done on that day, it’s full of great information and it’s likely that it’s not being used to its full potential.