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Getting wasted


‘Enough to feed the 5,000’
One third of the food we produce in the UK is never actually eaten. 600,000 tonnes of food are wasted in restaurants per year, and 40% of crops are rejected because of their size. That’s a lot of food, isn’t it?


Take Out: The Waiting Time

In a fast paced society, customers want to spend less time waiting for necessities, your EPoS system can help you cater to this..

Busy busy busy

Time, there never seems to be enough of it. Get up, shower, eat breakfast, catch the train, check some emails, reach the office, meetings after meetings, grab a quick bite, more meetings, more emails, 5:30 arrives, beat the rush hour, go to the gym, take a shower, get home; what’s for dinner?



Stay Relevant : The Healthy Consumer

Keeping up with the avocados


Is this organic?

Anyone who's checked instagram lately will know that it's hardly a trend to see candid and well lit photos of #avotoast and #juicecleanse imagery, in fact sharing snaps of colourful food has become a status symbol and is almost as prolific as the #shamelessselfie.



New Year, New Me

Avoid a slow January with our top tips on engaging the detoxers.

With a recent report revealing that eating out in the UK is on the rise, (37% of Brits ate out more in 2016 than the previous year) we cover how to maintain progress in to the slow month of January.

Keep your Christmas success rolling in to the New Year

Last Christmas Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs lead to the rise in consumer spend and growth in December, and average spend rose from £14.41 to £14.48 on previous year. This year, this increase and growth is expected to continue.


Discounts V Loyalty

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Whether it’s BOG off, cheeky discount or a voucher, it can’t be denied that the idea of saving money through various tactics is certainly effective for luring in customers, but – just how effective is it for your business?