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TISSL Launches Platinum Partner Programme

We’re constantly innovating and striving to provide the best service and experience for our clients which is why TISSL is proud to announce the launch of the Platinum Partner Programme this month. This programme will provide a platform for our clients with a solution for all their EPoS vertical needs including payments, reservations, stock/inventory, and IT infrastructure.

2018 Hospitality Trends

A new year can be daunting for anyone involved in running a business: there are huge targets to reach and a never-ending list of new competitors springing up every other week with more and more outlandish concepts. How to stay on top of the game? Check out our 2018 hospitality trends for new ideas – knowing you though, you’re probably implementing a few of these already!

The Importance of Training

Picture the scenario: Your company is running like a well-oiled machine, clients are happy until, one day, everything just seems to fall apart. Client complaints suddenly spike, staff seem to be unable to resolve issues, kitchen staff keep messing up orders, and stock-ordering isn’t going as expected. What on Earth is going on?

We’ll ask you a key question: Have you as the upper management ensured that your staff are continuously being trained? Particularly new staff and when your systems or processes have changed?

Food for thought, no? Read on to find our how TISSL training can transform your company!

Festive Hospitality Trends

TISSL Festive Hospitality Trends 2017

Christmas is quite literally, around the corner. To be precise, there are three Fridays left until Christmas and four until New Year; where has this year gone!

As is standard within the hospitality industry the current trend for the season is, of course, all things festive. As we’ve been scrolling through our social media feeds we’ve spotted some fantastic offerings from our amazing clients. From cocktails with a merry twist to Eastern food with a jolly fusion.

Here we are proud to show off the fabulous, festive offerings from a few of our wonderful clients.

Food Ordering Apps and Your Business


Within the ever-evolving world of smartphone apps there has been huge growth of food ordering applications for the hospitality industry. What exactly are these apps and is this something your business could make use of? Read on to find out.

POS and Security - How to protect yourself from threat.

Point of Sale and security, it’s not a combination of topics that comes up very often. In my time in the hospitality industry, I’ve found that many do not ask about how secure a system is when the main concern being keeping costs down, security can sometimes be forgotten. But did you know that keeping your customers safe, as well as satisfied, comes under that hospitality umbrella? With the Micros hack only a year ago, which has cost hotels and restaurants linked with the terminals $1bn to date[1], and the NHS hack only this year. We are more plugged into our technology, and thus our data is more vulnerable than ever.