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Young folk

‘Millennials’ – quite possibly one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing these past few years. The umbrella word for describing 18-30 year olds has been blasted around by marketers with the recent findings that millennials are more prepared to spend their money on experiences and, are more frivolous with their income. Meaning for restaurateurs, hotels, coffee shops and those in hospitality; quite simply, if your till system and ePos structure doesn’t settle the requirements of this demanding generation, you might just lose out on some serious business.

Spend spend spend
Unlike their parents and elders, they are primarily looking to seek out new and innovative experiences, something perhaps never tried before or of vast offering (tip: something that will gain traction when shared on social media). Expectations are a lot higher, and they are looking for a diverse and bespoke offering when dining out with friends. 54% stating eating out was their main expenditure of disposable income (statista.com), they’re certainly a lucrative crowd worth engaging.

Getting personal
Millennials are looking for a personalised experience, one size fits all is a definite no no for this crowd. Models that adapt this will work hugely in your favour, brands that adopt a ‘build your own’ or ‘customize’ option will sail, as it becomes a unique catered experience. The customer has an input in to their meal and they’re not made to feel as though they’re ordering direct from a menu. Multi options are something that can be set up very easily within your till system.

Sharing’s caring
Spending time with friends and family is a top priority, (69% say time spent out with friends and family is more valuable than nights at home). So, creating a sharable experience that engages your audience is worth pursuing. Take for example Home Slice Pizza, who have embedded the pizza, health, build your own and share craze all in one. Order your pizza (healthy options readily available) divide down the middle, though portion size still big enough to leave you unbuttoning your jeans, and share with your friends. The interior is stripped back, authentic and the pizza’s come out on huge circular serving trays with a pizza cutter ready for you to cut up your own slice and share among friends. It’s not only super instagrammable, but an interactive experience that allows customers to share.

Speed it up
Time is of the essence for these youngsters. Quick buy options are essential; millennials are precious of their time and need to have access to products and information fast. Whether it’s an easily navigable website or pre-order option, the entire customer journey needs to be as straight forward and time effective as possible. Small steps will aid in this, firstly, is your website optimized for mobile? How accessible are menus on your site? How does your booking system navigate? These factors will hugely impact the booking time/ time taken to scope out your offering, if these are currently a difficulty to access, you may want to have a think about making these more accessible (and in a timely fashion!)

Innovation is gold dust – the shareable experience
Unique experiences are another hit within this age bracket, with many London based concepts creating authentic and outside of the box experiences from cat cafes to cereal cafes, seeking out a new experience out of the ordinary will entice your crowd and stimulate their experience. It’s this kind of experiences that your audience will share on social media, social share = free marketing for you, win! (We’re not suggesting you go out and purchase a load of puppies here, something like a mini photo booth or table masks to encourage a ‘selfie share’ will do the trick!)

Appsolutely sir
Over 80% of time spent on mobile is now spent through an app, and it’s hardly a secret that millennials are hard to find without a device strapped firmly to their palms. An up rise in apps that make it easier for customers to pre-order, order at the table and pre-pay. BUT – before you think about forking out for a snazzy app, remember the importance of having an incentive for this, millennials want something in return for their data!

Getting social
If you’re not already posting, ‘gramming’, and tweeting about your new cocktail, dish or dessert - now is the time. If your business has high social credibility, the likelihood of a visit is considerably higher! A strong social presence is an absolute must. Don’t be afraid to show off a little internal personality or strike up conversation with your audience, this will go down exceptionally well!

Round up:

  • Millennials are prepared to spend (Especially when it comes to food!)
  • Personalisation is key! Start small; providing the option to pick toppings on a burrito, a choice of fries; sweet potato or regular fries, coleslaw or rice - it doesn't need to be too complex
  • Shareable experiences are a win – tapas, sharing plates, pitcher glasses of your best cocktail, it doesn't need to be too extravagant
  • Make sure all of your essential touch points are accessable, and quickly. A good website is essential
  • If you delve in to an app, make sure it’s worthwhile downloading, offer incentives and make sure it’s easy to use
  • Up your social game, post pictures of your food, drinks, customers having a good time and strike up conversatio

All of the above is easily achievable, and a lot of this can be done with small changes to your ePos system. If you’re keen on the idea of luring in a lucrative crowd, give one of our friendly advisors a call today and learn how you can get the ball rolling with your till system.