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Can reporting save your business?

The importance of reporting

Ensuring you are pro-actively tracking the progress of your business is essential to making key decisions and understanding any weak or strong areas, that’s why reporting is fundamental to gauging success..


From staff productivity to sales analysis, reporting can be utilised as a very effective tool to help you run your business and eliminate additional costs and time. Efficiency is key, especially within the hospitality industry, a good reporting system can definitely help you run your business better, that’s why we proudly integrate with Power BI.

Store performance

Having targets in place ultimately allows you to forecast success and gives you a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of your efforts. BI provides monthly and annual Store Performance Vs Targets so that you’re able to see exactly where your stores are performing best, and on which days. For multiple site businesses, you’ll also be able to understand which stores are performing better than others by running comparison reports, furthermore allowing you to assess which stores may need additional staff or in store promotions.


Daily turnover reports can be generated as a key source of management input in to the KPIs driving the business. These can be filtered by dates and unique stores for a more segmented and detailed analysis.

Item analysis

Analysing which menu items are performing and underperforming will all help when it comes to product promotions and analysing new menu trends, this will also help you to understand stock levels on a unique site basis.

Void analysis

Analysing void checks and void items allows the user to reduce the number of voided items and voided checks by identifying problem areas, whether it’s members of staff making repeated human errors or certain item issues, having transparency over issues will allow a reduction in voids, ultimately leading to a save in costs.

Waiter analysis

Analysing your staff performance allows you to understand the sales pattern per waiter. Not only will this help you to understand which staff are performing well and successfully upselling, it will give you an indication to which staff may need additional training. You will also be able to determine which staff are receiving high amounts of tips, which will in turn help you understand which staff are providing great service.

Time analysis

Overall time analysis helps you to understand which days of the week, months and time of day are performing well, this can be broken down in to segmented periods also. This is a key indicator for understanding the overall impact your business is taking and in which months/ peak times your stores perform best, which, alike with store performance can help you to delegate promotions and uplifts to increase underperforming time periods.

Basket analysis

This reporting feature can be utilised for analysis within purchase patterns. This feature enables users to identify potential cross selling, up-selling or promotional opportunities. By selecting individual items, graphs and tables will then display the products and items associated with the selection, the time slicer tool can also show the items over the selected period. 

Risk flags

This report is designed to show possible indicators of malpractice, which can be broken down by days of the week, year and store filter so that users can flag where certain time periods and stores may require extra help.

Sales by Hour

This will allow users to understand possible indicators of malpractice throughout the day, and different sittings.