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Top tips : A loyal Customer Base

There’s a lot of discussion around how to maintain a loyal customer in today’s dynamic and ever changing consumer landscape. Buying behaviours are endlessly developing and while trends in consuming may change daily, loyalty programmes and incentives are here to stay.


POS systems gather data

Many restaurateurs forget that not only will their point of sale function to run your business, but it will also register and save your customers data within your till system. By making the most of storing such data you can create a ‘VIP’ experience within the loyalty scheme which will in turn not only make your frequent customers feel super special, but also allow you to gauge demographics, what age group are frequenting your restaurant, at what times are they visiting and what can you do to in turn lure in this market even more. Take for example you notice that 18-24 year olds seem to come in most often on a Thursday evening between 7-9pm, and they’re redeeming the 2-4-1 glass of Wine offer, you could try the same offer on a quieter evening and test whether this same offer brings in more business on a slower paced week night.

Earn points

One tactic that is often used to attract an audience is a point building system. Points are converted on a visit to point ratio, the more visits, the more points, and what do points lead to? Rewards. And what do people love? Rewards. Points can be stacked in many ways, though it would seem in our digital world the way forward would be through an app. (check out our blog post on this here). Gone are the days of stamped paper cards (who remembers the nando’s chilli stamp collector?) Having something digital that can be accessed from a smart phone (and not easily lost) will help to retain the check points and encourage your visitors to keep coming back knowing they will be recompensed for their loyalty. 

Refer a friend

So, your loyal customer is now on board with your scheme and visiting a little more frequently thanks to your point building strategy. But how can you now start to spread the word outside of your existing base? Word of mouth referrals rank as the most credible method of recommendation, which highlights a great opportunity for your customers to seek rewards by putting in a good word in return for something back. Deliveroo and Uber are currently on board with this strategy, refer a friend with a code and in turn the referee gets £X off their next order/ ride. The chain continues for new users which essentially builds up your customer base and in turn keeps a cycle of new customers moving.

Buy one get one free

Everyone loves a freebie, don’t they? Alike with the refer a friend offer, offering a buy one get one free offer encourages customers to bring along friends and gives you the opportunity to sample new product. Rolling out a new pizza dish? Gauge the success of the new recipe with a buy one get one free offer in turn for feedback.

Round up:

  • Utilise your systems to collect data on your customer
  • Initiate a point building system to encourage continuity
  • Implement refer a friend incentives to broaden your reach
  • Use a buy one get one free offer to sample new recipes

If you’re thinking about implementing a loyalty scheme, give us a call to learn more about how we can help you facilitate this in a way that works best for you.