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The Importance of Training

Picture the scenario: Your company is running like a well-oiled machine, clients are happy until, one day, everything just seems to fall apart. Client complaints suddenly spike, staff seem to be unable to resolve issues, kitchen staff keep messing up orders, and stock-ordering isn’t going as expected. What on Earth is going on?

We’ll ask you a key question: Have you as the upper management ensured that your staff are continuously being trained? Particularly new staff and when your systems or processes have changed?

Food for thought, no? Read on to find our how TISSL training can transform your company!

Training can be an expensive and laborious process, and it can be hard to justify the short-term benefits of it in an industry with a notoriously high staff-turnover. According to a study published by the National Restaurant Association earlier this year the turnover rate for the hospitality industry was a staggering 72.9% in 2016 whereas companies in the private sector saw a staff turnover of 46.1%.

However, scenarios like what we’ve mentioned above do happen and they happen far too frequently as a result of lack of training so its incredibly important to ensure that all the knowledge you hold at the top is trickling down to even the most junior and new staff members to ensure the business always runs smoothly.

New Starter Training

Too often we hear horror stories of newbies not being adequately trained. This can range from only receiving basic training on the till (think about how often you’ve encountered a cashier or waitron who has not been able to change items on a bill); receiving no customer service training; no training on company policies and procedures (an often-ignored – due to high turnover - yet important aspect of any hospitality business) to kitchen staff not being taught the basics of hygiene and food storage.

Ongoing Training

Staff development is key to the continued success of any business. Upskilled staff are more likely to stay with your company for longer and will also ensure that the company moves with the times and trends – of which there are many in this industry!

Providing ongoing development will also give staff the incentive to perform well so that they may be selected to partake in these programmes and, in turn, their performance thereafter can form part of their KPIs. Showing staff that the business offers them progression and that there is a clear path to do so will have a huge impact on their personal investment in the company – as a member of upper management it is your responsibility to improve staff performance and progression is key to this.

A study by employee engagement company TINYpulse shows that 15% of those who quit their job in the industry do so due to “poor work culture” and ensuring that staff are being continuously upskilled and given career progression would increase the chance of them remaining at a business by 10%. Those are huge numbers!

Satisfied Customers

Customer service training is extremely important and yet falls by the wayside far too often. In a high-turnover industry new hires are often pushed into their roles for too quickly with an assumption that they know how to provide the exact service a customer requires that is relevant to the context of the business.

Take the time to train staff at all levels in the business and don’t overlook the smallest details such as how to appropriately greet guests and whether or not the company’s clientele is the type who would like to chat about their day a bit before getting down to business. You’d be surprised what a difference this makes to the customer experience.

All of the above have a trickle-down effect from upper management to senior staff to juniors and, of course, to clients.

Staff who are well-trained in all aspects of the business relevant to them will be able to provide a high quality of service to customers and will put them in a position of confidence in performing their tasks and being proactive in bettering the running of the business. Staff will also be in a better position to assist customers should anything go wrong because they will fully understand all systems and processes and will be able to provide solutions to any problems.

Unhappy and poorly trained staff make for a bad customer experience. A smooth-running business will only reap the rewards for all in the long-term. A good experience means they will more than likely return and/or make recommendations to their networks. Bad means exactly the opposite and is a scenario that is easily avoidable.

TISSL Training

So, where does TISSL fit into the picture? We understand how important training is particularly with a system (the POS) that has such a huge impact on the seamless running of a business. We also appreciate that high-turnover in the hospitality industry is a real issue that businesses face each day and have designed our training packages to be geared towards upper-management who are, in general, more likely to remain with a business on a longer-term basis and retain knowledge for the long-term thus being able to train new staff at any moment.

Initial Training

Throughout the implementation period, our data and training team work with your office staff or managers, training them on back-office functionality such as menu item setup, on-screen button settings, discounts and more. As the go-live date approaches, our trainers will organise to show your front of house staff all the day-to-day features they will need to use.

Ongoing Training

As with most software, there are many rich features buried deep within the TISSL system and we realise that many users would love to delve deeper and become more fluent in using the technology. Furthermore, new staff joining your business may not have had prior training on TISSL. To accommodate these scenarios, we run regular training sessions at our Milton Keynes head office through the following courses: Beginner 1-day Manager Course, Refresher 1-day Manager Course, and Advanced 2-day Manager Course.

Our training programmes are designed to give clients all the tools they need to be able to use our system in the best way that suits their company and being able to train all their staff on an ongoing basis.

As our festive gift to you this December, we are offering a discount on our training packages:

*Subject to training being booked this month and attended before end of March 2018.

To book your training now, please visit our TISSL Training page to select your package of choice.