TISSL Launches Platinum Partner Programme

January 8, 2018 | Blog

We’re constantly innovating and striving to provide the best service and experience for our clients which is why TISSL is proud to announce the launch of the Platinum Partner Programme this month. This programme will provide a platform for our clients with a solution for all their EPoS vertical needs including payments, reservations, stock/inventory, and IT infrastructure.

What does TISSL’s Platinum Partner Programme Offer Me?

The unfortunate reality of hospitality is that it’s an industry that has to rely on ‘unreliable’ integrations and very little best practice guidance from multiple vendors. TISSL’s Platinum Partner Programme aims to make the sometimes-daunting investment a seamless, painless, and economical process.

Essentially, we give you everything you need for EPoS to run your business so that you don’t have to run around trying to set up meetings, organise quotes, and arrange instillations and integrations.

Who are the TISSL Platinum Partners?

TISSL’s Platinum Partner Programme provides clients with a choice of trusted, experienced hospitality solutions with premier providers all under one umbrella. We’re kicking off the Platinum Partner Programme with the following select suppliers:

  • Paymentsense: The TISSL EPOS fully integrates with the full suite of Connect functionalities including Pay at Counter and Pay at Table. Patrick Ashton, Partnership Manager at Paymentsense is hugely excited about the integration with TISSL: “By creating a direct link between the TISSL EPOS and Paymentsense card machines we allow merchants to increase efficiency, improve customer experience and boost profits.”
  • SevenRooms: A full, intelligent reservation system which is customisable to each client’s particular needs.
  • Connecting London: Offers clients second to none IT infrastructure support required throughout all levels of their business.
  • Stocktake Online: An innovative system which automates and streamlines inventory management for those in the hospitality industry.

We’re growing our Platinum Partner Programme as you read this so do keep an eye on our website for more partner announcements shortly.

How do the Partnerships Work?

Good question! Each partner has a different offering and thus will slot into your business in a different way depending on them as well as your needs. We’ll take the hard work out of figuring out how this will work so that you can get on with other tasks needing your attention.

We’ve put together a video featuring our own Adam Robinson, Sales Account Executive, and Paymentsense’s Integration Assessment Manager Alex Day explaining how an integration with them specifically would take place:

Embed: https://youtu.be/xUEW90FPWm0

Where do I sign up?

We don’t blame you for being so keen to sign up! For more information about TISSL’s Platinum Partner programme and to sign up simply visit: https://tissl.aira.net/partners/

Looking for an EPOS solution for your business? Contact TISSL now.


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TISSL Launches Platinum Partner Programme

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