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TISSL & Big Data Insights

A few posts ago we spoke about big data and how it can be applied intelligently to the hospitality industry.

To sum up: currently big data tools aren’t being sold to or used by the hospitality industry in a way that gives true insight. Too often we’ve heard clients say that they have what they think might be a good tool but aren’t too sure because it has so much data and they have no idea how to use it.

Big data can be used as part of your company’s Business Intelligence (BI) strategy to help make decisions on every front. To quote from our previous post:

By simply logging into your system you can find out which products are the best performers and on which days and during which periods; what kinds of products outperform others (drinks or food – soft drinks or liquor); what products perform well at which sites; which products perform better at certain points of the year; which season of the year is best for each site; which physical areas in each site perform or underperform

What Does TISSL Offer?

We’re pretty excited about our BI offering as we strive to be more than POS – we want to be a true business partner helping any business succeed at any level. That’s why we’re so passionate about our BI!

Our tool will offer you true insight in a meaningful way. Every feature can be viewed in real-time (fantastic for peak periods or launches!) or has a historical dataset. Some of our favourite real-time features are: total spend by customers, numbers of discounts and their value, number of voids and their value, numbers of orders, opened sales, and staff check-in. Real-time data can also be viewed per group, or per site, or per employee. We also seriously love the store performance analysis report which offers a comparison at group level of individual sites. That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

For most values you can do a like-for-like comparisons on year-on-year reports, month-on-month reports, week-on-week reports and even between sites which is fantastic when you start to notice dips and spikes for, perhaps, a certain product, a meal, or a time of day for dining, or specific sites. Comparisons allow you to easily pick out any trends as well as give a fair overview on historical performance that could help you save or make money in the future.

What About In-Depth Data?

We’ve got you covered here too! Our BI tool takes information from the back-office to show historical data which means you can view performance today or for a few years ago such as sales by table, sales per revenue centre (i.e. terrace, function room, etc.), length of time customers stay for, and so much more.

On a purely financial note you can input targets, limits, forecasts, and will see an indicator of reaching targets. You can also see site performance to targets which is a fantastic and quick way to see which sites are the star performers.

For the more programming savvy, you can also run searches from Boolean queries – this is a fantastic option for those needing more complex and niche reporting solutions.

One of our favourite features has got to be the ability to drill down and see granular performance data for each product sold by each site. This can also be further segmented into wet and dry, popular food pairings, types of drinks, times of day certain products or meals or pairings are most popular. Our BI tool will give you so much more information than what you are getting now and will certainly give you the competitive edge.

What About Staff?

Yep, we can also show you staff data! You can quickly view data relating to staff voids, gratuity, dining periods, and bestselling products by staff - all overlaid with historical data so that you can easily pick up any issues with staff or the outstanding performers.

Our BI tool is fully customisable and your account manager will get you set up and trained. In other words, we’re not just going to get you onto our system and present you with a whole bunch of data you don’t need to see.

Your BI dashboard will only show what you want it to show so that you’re getting insights relevant to your business. We’ll never lock you into a system that won’t evolve as your business does the same though, so your dashboard can always be changed as you need.

Get in touch with us now to book your demo – we can’t wait to share it with you!