The World’s Best Restaurant Experiences

March 20, 2018 | Blog

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to drawing the crowds over and over in the restaurant game. As we all know, if restaurants don’t provide a notable experience that constantly stuns diners then their shelf-life is pretty short.

Here we look at some of the world’s exceptional restaurant experiences that has left diners amazed and wanting more.

The Summer Cave, Italy


The Grotta Palazzese Hotel’s Summer Cave Restaurant sits just below the hotel in the face of a cliff on the coast of Italy with the ocean swirling 74 feet below. This dramatic scene has borne witness to many grand moments over the centuries, the hotel’s website notes that nobility began hosting banquets there in the 1700s.

This restaurant is only open for the summer months until mid-November and is a popular destination for those looking for an alternative dining experience. It’s certainly made its way onto our bucket list!

Coppa Club, London


We’ve all seen those famous Pinterest-perfect images of the igloos serving as hotel rooms in Iceland, now Londoners and visitors-alike can experience something similar. First tested on the market in 2016, Coppa Club has brought back its igloos that look out onto the Thames, The Shard, City Hall, and Tower Bridge.

Best experienced at night when the magic of the city lights can do their work while diners are wrapped up warm under the furry blankets. Be sure to post a picture or 10 on Instagram when you go!

Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives


Imagine dining completely submerged underwater with a complete, clear view of all sorts of sea creatures as they look on enviously at your food? No need to imagine this anymore when you could do this in reality at Ithaa Restaurant in the Maldives.

Unsurprisingly the restaurant is part of Hilton Hotel’s portfolio and sits just over 16 feet underwater; diners can experience a 180˚ view of the sea life while feasting on caviar and cocktails. What an experience!

Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

A marketing campaign by the Yellow Pages 10 years ago brought this fantastic pod shaped restaurant to life. Capable of accommodating 30 seated or 50 standing guests, the Redwoods Treehouse can be found 32 feet above the ground, nestled among a few of its namesake trees. Beautifully lit at night, the treehouse is only available for private events making it that much more exclusive.

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The World’s Best Restaurant Experiences

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to drawing the crowds over and over in the restaurant game.

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