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It's 'appenin

89% of time spent on mobile media is through an App.

It seems these days, there’s an App for everything. Tracking fitness goals? There’s an app for it. Book a cab? App for it. Ghost hunting? App for it. Forgot where you parked your car and need someone to tell you in a pirate voice? App for it. Seriously, it seems there is an App for just about everything.

 App V Website
So what’s the point? What difference does it make whether you download an app or visit a website? This is a very valid point, and one that seems to go unnoticed by many who decide to invest. Granted, Apps work well in terms of functionality: booking a table for example which can sometimes become a slight challenge through websites, can become a much quicker and accessible process if done through a well-designed App. App functionalities lend themselves to a more time effective and seamless user experience. Impatience is the key word here, if you can eliminate time and unnecessary steps, you’re on to a winner.

Alerts: Hey! I'm still here!
If you’ve downloaded an App yourself then you won’t be stranger to a ping notification, alerting you with offers, updates or useful information. Keeping your customer in the loop by contacting them directly through their device is a great way to maintain contact and constantly remind your customer that you’re still there. The restaurant industry is rife with choice, so being able to constantly remind your customer where you are being a definite incentive to invest, with the bonus of promoting your best offers direct to the customers phone.

Data: Who's your biggest fan?
Data is priceless to any business these days. App downloads will give you demographic data of your consumer, where are they based? How old are they? Gender? These nuggets of information, can help to inform your strategy. Say for example you currently operate in London but notice a surge in App downloads from Leeds, it would make sense to trial a pop up and if all goes well expand your sites. Apps make it easier for people to give you their data, they’ve already extended their efforts to download the App in the first place and the process of extracting data through an App is a lot quicker and straight forward than a submission form on a website.

Incentivise: lure them in
Leaving a table card with details on how to download your shiny new app with zero incentives to do so won’t allure your crowd. Be sure to highlight the benefits of your app to entice your customers. This could be anything from pre-payment options, free desserts, 2-4-1 cocktails, or exclusive news on new menu updates – whatever it is that you’re offering be sure that it’s made loud and clear!

Loyalty: keep them on your side
Loyalty and retention is a pretty hot topic right now and with such an array of choice on offer, maintaining this becomes an ever-growing struggle for restaurateurs. With readily available discounts and coupons so attainable, customers are more keen for a bargain even if it means sacking off their favourite joint for something a little cheaper.

Rewards: give and take
Giving something back to your customer somewhat falls in to a similar category as loyalty. By incentivising your customers to return with rewards and benfits, you’re not only making their experience a lot easier/ faster, but you’re giving them a reason to return and remain loyal to your business. Without giving them a real reason to come back, your customers are likely to seek out benefits/ discounts else where. Apps make it easy to distribute such rewards, for example, sending a ping notification “Dining with us later? Use code ‘APPetite’ for a free appetizer!”

Round up:

- Be sure your App is easy to use

- Ensure it’s designed in line with your brand identity

- Make use of alerts by pinging through any good offers

- Make it easy for downloaders to fill in their data, eliminate any unnecessary processes

- Incentivise your audience with special offers

- Give them a reason to return, build up a points system or scheme that builds based on visits

- Provide a sense of exclusivity through your App download

To learn more about how to encorporate your App integrations within your till system get in touch with one of our sales advisors today.

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