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Is your restaurant ready for a cashless society?

We’ve come a long way in the twenty years that have passed since the dawn of e-commerce.

In that brief time we moved from buying goods and services in person, either in store or by phone, to online shipping.

And while we still use phones for their most common purpose as an internet device for online shopping, we have since moved on to using them as payment tender at POS terminals. Yet there is still so much more this technology can offer the hospitality sector.

As the nation gets set to embrace the new-style £10 notes, new research from Mintel reveals cash is king for the majority of Brits, as today just a third (33%) of consumers say they would be comfortable with a cashless society.

While a cashless society is most appealing to Brits aged 25-34 (46%), this statistic is most important to the hospitality industry, as these are the future clientele for hotels and restaurants. As TISSL has discussed at length in other articles, it is important to keep up with them and provide the services they are used to interacting with daily in order to keep their business.

Whether you run a coffee shop in London, boutique in the Lake District or large hotel with a fine dining restaurant, you need to be able to keep up with the latest developments within your field of business.

The challenges for each of these are quite varied. The coffee shop in London will, for example, need to cater to tourists wanting to pay with contactless cards or even their phones as this is the most convenient way to handle money conversion. The boutique in the Lake District may be too far away from the nearest ATM to be able to provide a cash-based business, while the hotel will want to tie their guest’s bill into the hotel room at the end of their stay.

So what is the solution for so many varied challenges? A bespoke system that is not only familiar with your clientele but also meets your needs as a client, the perfect POS system isn't just a figment of your imagination. It can be achieved today by a company who knows your needs and can meet them.

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