Ah, chocolate. The sweet treat of royalty of past and modern sweet-toothers the world over. We just can’t get enough of it! And who can blame any of us? With such a wide variety of this sugary, sweet snack there really is something for everyone. Or is there?

These new chocolate trends appeal to whole, new audiences and will drive the curious and the loyal into your site by the dozen.

Chocolate Hazelnut Glory

The classic flavour combination of chocolate and hazelnut has seen Nutella’s popularity soar over the years, but its limited content of real cocoa and hazelnuts has seen chefs go back to the drawing board to recreate the taste in a far more authentic manner.

Enter gianduja: the paste that inspired Nutella and has seen a resurgence in popularity as chefs use it in their desserts.

We know which version of chocolate and hazelnut we’d want to attribute our expanding waistlines to!

A New, Fourth Chocolate

Last year Zurich-based chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut Group announced they had invented a fourth type of chocolate: Ruby Chocolate. It is said that the pink colour is due to the bean that is used and has a berry flavour to it. Supposedly it is the first, new type of chocolate since white chocolate was launched 80 years ago. Marketing gimmick? Too soon to say just yet, but we’d be happy to test it out.

Nestlé have cottoned on to the global interest in Ruby Chocolate already and announced in January they would be selling a Ruby Chocolate KITKAT in Japan.

No word yet on when this chocolate will hit our shores but if you’re smart, you’ll be one of the suppliers to introduce it.

Paleo and Vegan Friendly

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram in the last year you will have come across fervent vegans and paleo influencers posting constantly about their latest diet-friendly finds. Who can blame them, everyone misses chocolate when they change their diets!

The reason for this is that proper, dark chocolate should not contain any dairy at all and manufacturers have caught onto the buying power of these audiences. Look out for Ombar, Booja Booja, and Hotel Chocolat’s vegan varieties. The strong taste of these real chocolates can take some time to get used to but after a while it’s hard to think you ever had a version that was so high in dairy and sugar!

Smart restauranteurs continue to expand their vegan and paleo offerings and plant-based, chocolate desserts are cropping up all over the place.

We’re salivating at all the chocolate goodness in this post! Don’t get blinded by your taste buds though, be sure to put your business cap on and get cracking on introducing new styles of chocolate across your sites.

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